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Bushido Martial Arts Academy is Pinellas County’s Premiere Martial Arts Success Center. BMAA has distinguished itself with an unsurpassed martial arts experience, exciting classes, professional instruction, and unmatched customer service. Upon visiting our facility you’ll find our staff is eager to greet you and your family and is genuinely invested in you and your child’s best interest. Bushido Martial Arts Academy has become the premium destination for families all over Pinellas County since 1980!

At BMAA our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, age-specific Martial Arts training available on the market today! All of our programs target all areas of martial arts, fitness as well as the educational needs of children and adults.

We are a traditional Okinawan Karate school with a modern approach to safety, personal development, life skills and self defense. Our detailed curriculum helps both children and adults maximize their potential and increase the abilities they already have. By developing special skillsets, students can turn around and apply them into every area of their life, this enables them to be the best they can possibly be.

Our highly trained staff is dedicated to providing classes that are results-driven, while at the same time fun!

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Meet The Owner of Bushido Martial Arts Academy

Sensei Chris Breward was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. Being drawn to the growing area of Pinellas County and having been affiliated with the martial arts for over 20 years, he now manages and operates Bushido Martial Arts Academy.

As a young boy, Sensei Breward had an admiration for the martial arts and began his training at the age of 7 in American Free-Style Karate at Robert’s Community Center. The spark he got from the recreation center classes encouraged him to begin training later at Rick Hall’s Bushido Karate Academy in October of 1995.

As his passion grew deeper, the traditional art of Shorin-Ryu Karate taught him the confidence and physical protection he desired, thus achieving his 1st degree black belt in May of 2002.

Sensei Breward went on to become an instructor for Bushido Karate Academy in February of 2003. He began attending seminars for teaching and business focus, while maintaining his personal training and study as a student. He expressed high interest in tournaments and began competing later that year. In December of 2003, he achieved his 2nd degree black belt in both Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo (weapons).

After a few years of teaching, Sensei Breward was awarded the “Most Inspiring Instructor of the Year” award by Educational Funding Company in 2005. Years of competing in the United Stated Karate-Do Kai tournaments lead Sensei Breward to become the USKK Grand International Champion in both Kumite (Fighting) and Kobudo (Weapons) for the 2004-2005 term. 

He then decided to become a life-time member of Master Phillip Koeppel’s USKK organization in June of 2005. Master Koeppel is the owner and founder of the USKK and is currently a 10th degree black belt in the Shorin-Ryu system.

Around 2005, Sensei Breward quickly became the Chief Instructor and Program Director of Bushido Academy. 

It was only a year later in 2006 when he became the manager of the dojo. He managed and operated the karate school of over 200 active karate students while maintaining his college education at St. Petersburg College. He also participated in USF Tampa’s Air Force ROTC program. In late 2006, he graduated SPC with an associate’s degree.

In April of 2006, Sensei Breward tested for his 3rd Degree Black Belt and joined the Pinellas County Speaker’s Bureau to educate and influence the community about the benefits of martial-arts training and the character development that follows it.

After achieving the rank of 4th Degree black belt in December of 2011 and his 3rd degree in Kobudo, Sensei Breward made his move officially to the Wesley Chapel area to finish his education and pursue a future opportunity of opening his own dojo.  

In 2014, Sensei Breward founded Breward’s Kaizen Karate Academy and started his journey to the dedication of teaching kids, teens, and adults the traditional arts. 

Finally, in February of 2015, he decided to merge Kaizen Karate’s and Bushido Academy’s students so that he could return to his favored home dojo. 

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